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This history begins in black and white.
We are in 1929, the war is ended but the times are difficult: an other conflict begins to make its first steps.
Bari looking for to rebuild itself but this is not easy. In a moment so hard a young man enterprising of only 26 years old, Giuseppe Cascella, decides to put a one's activity and to work following its passion for the cycling.

The goal is today here in this modern firm. Cicli Cascella it has made much way in these 64 years. Today with a firm of 4.700 mq and a production of 12.000 bicycles each year, a turnover of 5 million euro, the Cicli Cascella represent the higest point on the south in this trade.

Anather event, in these last months, has seen the Cascella company protagonist of from Bari life; the supply of the bicycles for the parking in Giulio Cesar Square to Bari near the Policlinico, managed from society GESTI PARKS, that is a great goal for us who are lovers of bicycles and the ecology because this initiative want to limit the city traffic and of favorable the citizens to use means more ecological which the bicycle and to approach to the institutions the bicycle and our company leader in this sector to regional level.

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